How to Register

It's easy to register.  First, download the OFFICIAL RULES.  Once you have read and understood the rules, you are ready to register by clicking the button below.  The entry fee is US$95* per team on or before the Early Entry Deadline of October 29th and US$115* until the extended Final Entry Deadline of 5PM EST on December 3rd.

*Get $10 off the entry fee just for tweetingClick here to post to Twitter or Facebook and receive a $10 promo code.




How to Join a Team or Fill a Position

There are a few options to join an existing team or fill a position.  You can post to the Official 24 Hour Film Race 2015 Facebook Event Page, on our Cast/Crew Discussion Board below, or through your local Craigslist.


Rules & Releases

To be submitted with your completed film

Cast & Crew Participation Agreement

Artwork Release Form

Location Release Form

Music Release Form



Cast / Crew Discussion Board

Post your information below (ex. Vancouver Actress seeking team, or NYC team seeking Editor, etc...).