The finalists from the 100 Hour Film Race each year will be used to create an anthology-style feature film that will be submitted to festivals and distributors.



Titled "Writer's Block", it tells the story of a group of friends who have entered the 100 Hour Film Race but everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

Casting is complete and filming starts March 31.


Alpha Trivette is DAN, the Director, who’s kind of a know-it-all and a little pushy
Alpha starred for two years as Dr Allen on Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home, but among his other previous roles, he has also had starring roles as Israel Proctor in the Cinemax series “Banshee” and Judge Stone on “Drop Dead Diva”.

Keith Brooks is IAN, the artsy, over the top writer who always seems to come up with grandiose ideas
You would probably most recognize Keith as Dan from season 4 of “The Walking Dead” (until he was stabbed 47 times by Rick for trying to assault Carl) but he’s also been in “Constantine” and “Stranger Things” among many his other projects.

                              ALPHA TRIVETTE                                                                                  KEITH BROOKS

Jeff Rose is MALCOLM, the Lead Writer – he’s the realistic one who tries to keep things on an even keel.
In his long history in the film & television industry Jeff has had many roles, including recurring roles in many network television shows (such as Maj Ogden on “Army Wives”, Doug Resnick on “Drop Dead Diva” and Police Chief Herman Douglas on “Saints and Sinners”).

Ozzie Carnan is OLIVER, the production manager who probably shouldn't be in charge of anything
Ozzie has had roles in many films and network television shows, including Nashville and Murder Chose Me. He even voiced a character on South Park in 2009.

                                    JEFF ROSE                                                                                     OZZIE CARNAN

Corynne Wagener is KAREN, the prop girl who thinks she should be the director - she's a little bossy and sarcastic and ready to put the entire crew in their place at any time.
Corynne comes to us with an extensive theater background and lead roles in a number of smaller indie film projects.

Cassie Lowe is RICKI, the actress who arrives WAY before call time – she’s a little dense and a bit “basic” but as long as she has her ever-present pumpkin spice latte she'll be just fine.
Cassie comes to us with an extensive theater background and lead roles in a number of smaller indie film projects.

                        CORYNNE WAGENER                                                                                    CASSIE LOWE

The first Racing Anthology Film - "Do You Believe" - is available to view on Amazon Video or Amazon Prime




Mandy Neuhaus as "Susan"

Isabella Frommelt as "Maggie"

Julia Reilly as "Emily"

Devin Williams as "Jim"

Paul Mariskanish as "Trevor"

Keller Fornes as "Malcolm"

Nicholas Cordts as "Alex"

Gina-Ann Riggs as "Nancy"