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Letter from Competition Director, Charlie Weisman

It was a very tough decision, but after 14 years of running Film Racing competitions, I have decided to turn the business over to work on more filmmaking projects of my own.  I put an enormous amount of work into building Film Racing over the years and I’m really proud of what has been accomplished up to this point. 

Overall, it’s been an amazing experience getting to travel, put on exciting live events, and meet filmmakers from around the world. I’ve loved seeing all the unique films created for the competitions and it has been incredibly rewarding to hear directly from the filmmakers about how much they enjoy the experience of making a film in 24 or 100 hours.  But, I’ve also known that if I didn’t throw myself wholeheartedly into the craft of filmmaking and the projects I’ve had in the back of my mind for years, I would regret it down the road for not having given it my best shot.

So, with some sadness but also hope of handing off Film Racing to capable hands, this letter is to say that we are currently accepting offers to take over the Film Racing brand and assets.  More than just money, we are looking for an enthusiastic individual or team to take over Film Racing that will continue to put on exciting competitions and bring it to new levels of participation and awareness.  For any entrepreneurs out there with a passion for film, this could be a great opportunity to be involved with something you love.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has participated in Film Racing over the years.  It’s been inspiring (and intimidating) to see the great films that come about in such a short period of time when you put your mind to something – even when it means no sleep.  I hope everyone continues to challenge themselves as filmmakers and our paths will cross again someday!


     Charlie Weisman, Competition Director

     Charlie Weisman, Competition Director