The 2015 Assignment was THEME: An unexpected guest   ACTION: Watering a Plant  PROP: A cookie

''H4CK3D'' by 54th Story

''Under Water'' by Albatross Films

''Wildflower'' by American Octopus & Watari Productions

''7 Days Til Death'' by Bess Boyce

''Matilda'' by BFL

''Peter'' by Collaborative Impulse

''Chill Intrusions'' by Ettinger&Nasby Bros

''It's Just You'' by Favorite Flannel

''Lie in Wait'' by George Daley Productions

''Good Daddies'' by Hell's Bunnies

''Mental'' by JJH Productions

''Baker's Alley'' by Reel Vets LA

''Segregate'' by Revox Media

''Growing Agenda'' by Sheep Deprived

''A Reptile Dysfunction'' by Shivnath Productions

''Blackout'' by Subliminal Films

''Working Late'' by Team Monocle Spice

''Incoming Call'' by The By-Passers

''Alphabet Cookie'' by Tofu Bandit Media

''Into the Night'' by TTS

''Dix Sous (Dime)'' by Two Poles Productions

''Remember August?'' by UJ

''The Cookie Tree'' by USC 507 Spring Grads

''Crumble In The Bronx'' by Versatile Pictures