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The 24 Hour Film Race wouldn't be possible without the amazing producers we have in all off our participating cities!



Atlanta // Jason Koornick

Jason is an accomplished producer and writer of films as well as a talented musician on guitar and mandolin. Jason wrote the 2011 cable movie "A Mile In His Shoes" starring Dean Cain and was the Exec. Producer of Revolution Studios "Next" starring Nicolas Cage (2006). He produced and directed the concert documentary "Hitting the High Notes: 2004 High Sierra Music Festival" and has movie, comics and songwriting projects in the works. This is the fourth Film Race that Jason has produced.


Calgary // Ron Devitt

Ron Devitt is a journalist and filmmaker who was born and raised in Calgary. Ron has worked as a writer, director and producer in British Columbia’s independent film scene and has worked as a journalist in both B.C. and Alberta.  Ron has produced and directed several short films, music videos, commercials and documentaries.  Ron has been the producer of the Calgary Film Race for three years. He believes strongly in the indiginous film scene in Alberta and believes the Film Race gives filmmakers a reason to go out and make a film in a weekend.  He has just finished his short film, entitled Fifty-Eight. It was shot in Calgary, using local actors. It is now being prepped for festivals.  He has his own film production company called Mytheltic Film Productions.



Houston // Adam Donaghey

Adam Donaghey, President and founder of Zero Trans Fat Productions, is a Texas-based award-winning independent film producer, partner at the historic Texas Theatre, and co-founder of the Oak Cliff Film Festival. His work has been seen at festivals and theatrical screenings all over the world.  Adam’s latest projects include Spencer Parson’s horror parody, Saturday Morning Massacre, bowing at 2012 LA Film Festival; Eric Steele’s Cork’s Cattlebaron, selected as an Opening Night Short for 2012 Maryland Film Festival, and 2011 Austin Film Festival selection Uncertain, TX; Michelle Mower’s, The Preacher’s Daughter, repped by Imagination Worldwide; Clay Liford’s 2011 SXSW selection, Wuss, 2010 Sundance Selection, My Mom Smokes Weed, and 2010 SXSW and Sitges selection, Earthling; Independent Spirit nominee Bryan Poyser and IFC Films’ 2010 Sundance selection, Lovers of Hate; and Frank V. Ross’ 2010 SXSW selection, Audrey the Trainwreck, named number eighteen on the New Yorker’s list of top 2010 films, and upcoming Tiger Tail in Blue. Features in production include Frank Mosley’s, Her Wildnerness; Beau Jenning’s doc, The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers; Ryan Harper Gray’s, and This is a Love Story. His first feature film, 2009 SXSW and Thessaloniki selection, St. Nick, won the Grand Jury Prize for Texas Filmmaking at AFI Dallas.  Adam is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Aviation Cinemas, Inc., an independent motion picture theatrical exhibitor, currently operating the historic Texas Theatre in Dallas, Texas. Built in 1931 and financed by Howard Hughes and the site where Lee Harvey Oswald was nabbed after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the historic Texas Theatre has built a reputation for screening films rarely seen in Dallas, including a wide variety of art house classics, restored 35mm prints, experimental film, modern independent cinema, B-movies and counter-programming. It was recently awarded 2011’s “Best Movie Theater” and Aviation Cinemas was awarded “Best Film Advocates” by the Dallas Observer. Aviation Cinemas will host the inaugural Oak Cliff Film Festival in June, 2012.  Adam regularly speaks at universities, film festivals, and industry related workshops and conferences; and judges for competitions and film festivals all over the country. Adam is a freelance columnist and has written for numerous publications, including Dallas’ D-Magazine and Houston Bay Area’s The SCENE Magazine. Adam also produces the Houston 24 Hour Film Race.  Adam is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a B.A. in philosophy.



Los Angeles // Elizabeth Prouty & Chad Liffmann

Beth Prouty is an autodidactic producer who is always intrigued by a challenge. After producing the San Francisco 24 Hour Film Race 2011, she gained a new appreciation for those who are are able to film under pressure and is back for more with the Los Angeles Film Race 2012. She looks forward to what the City of Angels' film racers will come up with this year, and is committed to providing them with the best possible showcase of their work.


Chad is a San Francisco Bay Area native with a degree from UCLA and four years of working at Google under his belt. Along the way, he has tried to engage with every angle of filmmaking: writing, producing, acting, and even marketing. While an intern at Rhino Films from 2004-2006, Chad found time to act in the independent features What We Do Is Secret and Military Intelligence and You!. An avid admirer of the Coen brothers and Woody Allen, Chad mixes his love of dark and witty humor into his scripts and subtly into his online comic, Stuff on Bread. He loves helping like-minded artists achieve their creative goals and is extremely excited to help the 24 Hour Film Race filmmakers do just that.



Miami // Christy McCouch

Christy McCouch is glad to be back for the sixth annual Miami Film Race. She is a graduate of Missouri State University with a degree in Entertainment Management and has lived in Miami for 9 years. Christy works at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables as the Company Manager.




Minneapolis // Ulysses Awsumb

After high school, Ulysses tried his hand as an entrepreneur and made a go of several successful businesses. He has managed and owned several companies, some successful and some not. Not one to look back, he wouldn't change even the unsuccessful ventures as they gave him a tremendous learning opportunity and helped to make him who he is today.  After a debilitating spinal injury sidelined him, he had ample time to reconsider his work and passions. Having had a taste of acting through stage in his school years, Ulysses decided he had been running from his calling to the entertainment industry. Now fully recovered, he produces and directs all types of content, but his true craft lies in making films and music videos. Ulysses, taking the same approach to media as he does to all his endeavors, dedicated himself to producing top quality films and stories that evoke emotion. Making certain every bit of cinema should play the emotions from each and every camera shot, to every line of dialogue, to the actions of characters on screen, to the clothes they wear and environment they are in. Film represents a world where we can feel, be it good, bad, happy or sad and understand why we feel it and embrace the ride that goes along with it.  Ulysses vast skill set also caught the attention of the founders of Twin Cities Film Fest, who quickly offered him a position as the Operations Manager for Twin Cities Film Fest. This after he managed the now 30 year old MSP International Film Festival and after his theater ventures.


Montreal // Elke Starck 

Elke Starck grew up in Vancouver, and movedto Montreal in the early '90's for school, sidewalk cafes and the faster paceof the east coast. She graduated with a Film Animation degree from ConcordiaUniversity, and ventured into the digital world of 2d animation, and thensoftware development for special effects, editing and animation, wranglingtesters, bugs and projects. Elke enjoys extra curricular activities like roller derby, coaching young musicians at girl's rock camp and playing in a band. This is Elke’s second year producing the MontrealFilm Race, and she’s very excited to see all the awesome entries and lookingforward to another great race! It’s movie making time!!


New York City // Michael Mouncer
Michael J. Mouncer has produced several critically successful music videos, live events and award-winning short films. MJ is currently in post on his first feature film. His documentary production, "White Lines and The Fever: The Death of DJ Junebug" (dir: Travis Gutiérrez Senger) won Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. MJ has premiered productions at the Seattle International Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival and Austin-based South by Southwest, winning Special Jury Prize in 2010. Mouncer double majored in Political Science and Political Communications at the University of Washington and co-founded Lincoln Leopard Films in 2009. He is based in Brooklyn.


Philadelphia // Rebecca Lowenberg

Rebecca is a New York City transplant, currently living in Center City Philadelphia. As a producer for McCann Erickson in New York, Rebecca worked on campaigns such as Verizon Wireless' "There's a Map for That", Verizon FiOS, FiOS Guy and Cable Guy as well as L'Oreal's Root Rescue with Andi MacDowell and L'OrealIn fallible Lipstick with Beyonce. The next chapter of her career landed her in Philadelphia where she went to work for PBS Kids Sprout network. Rebecca worked closely with the Ad Sales and Marketing team to create integrated marketing campaigns producing content for TV, VOD and web. Now, with her own business, R.J. Media Productions, LLC Rebecca is freelancing in Philadelphia and New York. She just finished producing a :30 ad for Star of David Memorial Chapels which is airing on New12 Long Island. When she isn’t working, Rebecca is training for half marathons an taking photos. She is excited about being the Philadelphia 24 Hour Film Race producer and a part of the 24 Hour Film Race team.

San Francisco // Val Castro 
Val ‘Killmore’ Castro is an award-winning film producer, director and screenwriter. She started her film career off in New York working for Troma Entertainment where she worked side by side with ‘The Toxic Avenger’. Val has made over 20 highly acclaimed short films (The Buxotic Beauty Murders, Lost Weekenders and The Terror of Titty Town, etc.), which have screened all around the world. She has also served as Associate Program Director for the Coney Island Film Festival and Coney Island Film Society at Sideshows by the Seashore in Brooklyn’s most legendary and storied amusement park. Val is also an accomplished show producer and has produced many successful live events/screenings in NYC and SF. "The Craving" is Val's first feature film that she co-produced, wrote, and directed. The film went on to screen at festivals around the world, and has secured distribution, with TomCat Films. She is currently in pre-production for her next feature film, which will begin shooting next Winter 2013.



Seattle // Eli Martin
Eli Martin is the Director of Digital Strategy for a documentary film and content creation studio called Lucid Inc. He started his production career assisting and coordinating on film and advertising sets around the northwest. Two films Eli previously worked on, Grassroots and The Details, will be at SIFF this year, so check them out if you get a chance. He is looking forward to another exciting 24 film challenge and can't wait to see what the new talent brings to the table.



Toronto // Rob Tosh

Rob Tosh is the owner/producer at ROBTOSH Productions and Garage Studios Toronto. Rob has been working in the film and television industry in Toronto for almost 15 years. He has worked for most major broadcasters such as CBC, Citytv, GlobalTV, RogersTV and produced several of his own original television series, web series and independent films. Rob has been producing the Toronto leg of the Film Race since 2010. Visit Rob’s website for more information



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