From May 18-19, over 750 teams around the world were challenged to create original short films (4 minutes max) in just 24 hours based on a theme (one), action (listening to music), and prop (the number one). Come check out the premiere of the top Seattle films and vote for your favorites! The audience winner and judge's winner will be announced the night of the screening and will represent Seattle against other top 24 hour films around the world for big prizes, including $10,000 cash. Screening information is below.


*Best of Awards

Best Film:  Last One by Leon
1st Runner-Up:  Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Audience Award:  Last One by Leon
Directing:  Last One by Leon
Leading Actor:  Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Leading Actress:  Last One by Leon
Acting Ensemble:  Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Writing:  Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Cinematography:  Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Editing (tie): Last One by Leon & Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Original Music Score: One Last Chance by YES AND FACTORY
Sound Design: Last One by Leon
Visual FX: Limbo by Challenge Accepted
Special FX:  Solo by Renaissance Pictures
Set Design (tie): The One by Tacoma Productions & You are the Only One by Tall Taurus Media
Make-Up:  You are the Only One by Tall Taurus Media


Premiere Screening Information


June 27th at 7:30PM

The Harvard Exit Theatre

807 East Roy at Harvard

Seattle, WA 98102

Map / Directions
Facebook Event Page


Films Playing (screening order may change)

THE 1 by 85mmAway... (Sophie King)
one love by bunkmedia (trevor hargreaves)
Limbo by Challenge Accepted (Kevin Harvey)
White Room by D&A Productions (David Loudon)
Affair by Fat Cow Productions (Richard Schall)
Only One by ISO FOX (Chris Knowles)
Last One by Leon (Nicholas Davis)
Level 1 by Posse Productions (Jordan Naftolin)
Solo by Renaissance Pictures (Scott Sullivan)
Meeting your Match by Spinshot Films (Jeremy Cavner)
The One by Tacoma Productions (Jason Daniel)
You are the Only One by Tall Taurus Media (Jonathan Holbrook)
locked in by THE 1979 BIZARRE (alex miller)
One Minute Book Club by The Outside Jokes (Webster Polk)
The One and Only Frekles Riverside by Thieves Don't Get to be Spock's Mom (Krystal Abbott)
Yummy! by Uninvited Turtles (Laura Hedal)
Lost by What If We're Done? (Nick Simotas)
One Last Chance by YES AND FACTORY (Peter Feysa)


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Seattle Prizes:

In addition to any prizes that are secured, the following awards will be given to the top films in Seattle:  Best Film, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Original Music Score, Best Sound Design, Best Animation, Best Visual FX, Best Special FX, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-Up.



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