How to Register

It's easy to register.  First, download the Official Rules & Participation Agreement.  Once you have read and understood the rules, you are ready to register a team by clicking here.  The entry fee is US$95* per team on or before the Early Entry Deadline of May 14th and US$115* until the extended Final Entry Deadline of 8PM EDT on June 12th.

*Get $10 off the entry fee just for tweetingClick here to post to Twitter or Facebook and receive a $10 promo code.


How to Join a Team or Fill a Position

There are a few options to join an existing team or fill a position.  You can post to the Official 24 Hour Film Race 2015 Facebook Event Page, on our Cast/Crew Discussion Board below, or through your local Craigslist.


Rules & Releases

To be submitted with your completed film

official rules

Cast & Crew Participation Agreement

Artwork Release Form

Location Release Form

Music Release Form



Cast / Crew Discussion Board

Post your information below (ex. Vancouver Actress seeking team, or NYC team seeking Editor, etc...).