24 Hour Film Race 2017


WINNER - Make It Pink by Living Proof Pictures

Runner Up - From Beatle by Stormchaser

3rd Place - 32 Granola Bars by Badger Way

4th Place - Unremember by Filmcito

5th Place - Food Fight by Last Minute

6th Place - Before I Close My Eyes by Noir Bizzare Productions

7th Place - Paw Prince by Well Dang!

8th Place - Spoil by Postwright Productions

9th Place - A Memory by Pixography

10th Place - Crazy for You by Tru Pictures

Best Direction - Brandon Lay (Make It Pink)

Best Writing - Jess Uhler (From Beatle)

Best Lead Actor - Andrew Pish (From Beatle)

Best Lead Actress - Lara Lon (A Memory)

Best Supporting Actor - Ian Armstrong (Paw Prince)

Best Supporting Actress - Syd Stauffer (Make It Pink)

Best Acting Ensemble - From Beatle by Stormchaser

Best Actor in a Local Film - Kyle Meadors (Crazy for You)

Best Actress in a Local Film - Caity Jane Mullens (Crazy for You)

Best Young Actor in a Local Film - Ari Cifuentes (Absentee)

Best Cinematography - Travis LIncoln Cox (From Beatle)

Best Editing - Alexandre Prod'homme (A Memory)

Best Score - James Mason (Make It Pink)

Best Special FX - Alexandre Prod'homme (A Memory)

Best Wardrobe - Jess Uhler (From Beatle)

Best Makeup - Caity Jane Mullen (Crazy for You)

Winner - 24 Hour Film Race 2017

Best Direction

Best Supporting Actress Best Score

Runner Up - 24 Hour Film Race 2017 Best Writing Best Lead Actor Best Acting Ensemble Best Cinematography Best Wardrobe
3rd Place - 24 Hour Film Race 2017



THEME: A Memory

PROP: A Puddle

ACTION :Dressing


Awards will be presented for the following: Best Film, Runner Up Film, Third Place Film, Best Student Film, Best Local Film,  Audience Choice Film (voting done AT the screening), Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Local Actor, Best Local Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Child/Teen Actor, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Score, Best Special Effects, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-up

24 Hour Film Race 2016 Winners

FIRST PLACE - I Came From The Sky

Polisemia Pictures (Canelones, Uruguay)

SECOND PLACE - Eine Zweite Chance

Carmona-Dajota Films

THIRD PLACE - Take Me With You

Josiah Sampson Films