24 Hour Film Race 2011 Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 24 Hour Film Race 2011!  Special thanks to our judges, sponsors, and especially the 350+ teams of filmmakers from around the world that pulled all nighters and created such great films!  The links to view the films will be available very soon and will be featured on our facebook, twitter, youtube pages, and on our newsletter.


Best Film of the 24 Hour Film Race 2011

"Woolf" by Chinese Takeout (San Francisco)


2nd Place

"Pacciu" by Hourglass Films (Chicago)


3rd Place

"Today _ _ cks" by Homeward Bound (Philadelphia)


4th Place

"The Desk Job" by Fenix (Denver)


5th Place

"Mistaken Identity" by Robotic Raptor (New York City)


Best Direction - "Pacciu" by Hourglass Films
Best Leading Actor -
Michael Shaw in "Today _ _ cks" by Homeward Bound

Best Leading Actress - Lisa Newton in "Granville" by Nevaeh

Best Acting Ensemble - "Mistaken Identity by Robotic Raptor
Best Writing -
"Today _ _ cks" by Homeward Bound
Best Cinematography -
"Running" by Running in Time

Best Editing
- "Are You Still There?" by Lost Lands Productions
Best Original Music Score
- "Moonlighters" by Sneaky Boy
Best Sound Design -
"Pacciu by Hourglass Films

Best Visual FX - "Woolf" by Chinese Takeout

Best Special FX - "The Desk Job" by Fenix
Best Set Design -
"The Day" by Spades
Best Costume Design -
"Moonlighters" by Sneaky Boy

Best Make-Up -
''Schnitzel or Spaetzle'' by 11thirty



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