Top 20 Films & Honorable Mentions

Thank you to everyone that completed a film in 100 hours this year for turning in so many unique takes on the assignment and putting so much hard work into the films.  Choosing a top 20 was incredibly difficult this year and there were many very good films that narrowly missed being selected.  Regardless if your film placed in the top 20 or not, we hope everyone enjoyed the experience of making a film in 100 hours and continues to challenge themselves as filmmakers.  The top 20 films listed below will be available for viewing and public voting by this Friday, January 8th at 4PM EST.  Good luck to them and thank you to everyone again for participating!


''AGNOSIA'' by 19 fools

''Arthurs'' by One Eyed Cat

''Bad Habits Die Hard'' by Practice Makes Breakfast

''Bag.Lady.'' by Hunger Artist Films

''CARROTS'' by SuperDry Bros

''Congratulations'' by Naythan Smith

''Even The Angels'' by Hypnotist Film

''Henry's Christmas Money'' by Byerfilms

''Idées noires'' by Marie Leveille

''I'm Not Wilbur'' by Tofu Bandit Media

''Intrusions of Grandeur'' by Good Form

''It's Happy Hour out there'' by Solaris Team

''Janitors vs. Suits vs. Aliens'' by Numera Films

''My Max'' by Watari Productions

''Polterguys'' by BigEgo

''Remnants'' by ZOETIC Productions

''The Inner Circle'' by Kitchen Sink Collective

''The Last Straw'' by Massimo G Riffin

''Twin'' by Bad Behaviour

''Visit'' by Director's Cut Film Initiative



''Concealed'' by 21 Spelunk

''Fix It In Post'' by The Knick

''Masquerade'' by What's My Range Again?

''REFLECTIONS'' by Urban Mountain

''the sex lives of eels'' by RedSpireFilmsandDeNovoFilm



''Bathrobe Ninjas: Hidden Ex'' by Brass Engine Productions